Setting up your PC to download content through newsgroups is a pain in the ass, but totally worth it IMO.

Here’s an old, but relevant article with some basic info:


Read through that whole thing before you start clicking the links below.

As a starting point, here are the services I use:

NZB download client:

NZB indexer/place where you’ll find content to download:

The site above requires an invite, if you’re interested in setting all this up, let me know and I’ll send you an invite.

Usenet service:

Backup service (I bought 50gigs to use as backup, in case the content gets taken down from Astraweb):


Things you should know:

- NZB content usually gets taken down from the usenet services fairly quickly if it’s a big show or movie, but gets reposted regularly. When I say taken down, I mean the files appear to be there, but there won’t be enough to piece the whole video together.


- Downloading through these usenets services is REALLY fast, and will probably max out your connection (a good thing).

- When you setup Sabnzbd, use the european server of Astraweb or whoever you choose as the optional/backup server (I forget exactly what it’s called). This way, if the content is taken down from their US servers, there is a good chance the missing piece will still be available on their European servers.


- When you setup Sabnzbd, connect to Astraweb using the proper SSL enabled URL and port. This way, your ISP can’t read the content your downloading, and send you nasty emails.

Finding content that is completely available can sometimes be a pain in the ass, but when you do find it, the quality of the video is usually really good.

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